This recipe is by Iris Vanz, Semifinalist of the Creative Recipe of the Tiramisù World Cup 2018



Hazelnut cream

Grain hazelnuts

Sugar-free cream


Mascarpone cheese

Sugar-free biscuits



Cocoa powder



  • Whip the pasteurised egg yolk with sugar until it becomes foamy;
  • Add mascarpone cheese and mix it with the egg with a palette knife, and then with the electric beaters;
  • Add some hazelnut cream at will, then stir;
  • Beat the egg white and the cream until stiff peaks form;
  • Add them to the mascarpone cream and mix it;
  • Soak the biscuits in the coffee with sugar q.s.;
  • Sprinkle some cocoa and grain hazelnuts and decore at will.