This recipe is by Miriam Pressato, third place in the Contest “Your Venetian Tiramisu” 


250g of mascarpone cheese
30g of egg yolk 
100g of fresh whipped cream 
3 spoons of sugar
1 package of ladyfingers
1 package of Venetian “Esse” biscuits (Buranei)
4 cups of cold moka coffee 
a few drops of orange flavouring 
Cocoa powder 


Prepare the cream by mixing the egg yolks and sugar with an electric whisk until the mixture is creamy. Mix the mascarpone with the yolks and the whipped cream. 
Add a few drops of orange flavouring and taste the cream. For a more intense orange flavour, add a few more drops. 
Quickly dip the ladyfingers in the coffee and compose the first layer. Fill a sac a poche with the cream and arrange a layer on the ladyfingers. 
For the second layer, alternate ladyfingers with an “Esse” biscuit soaked in coffee. Finish with the last layer of cream and decorate with the Venetian biscuits. 
Sprinkle with cocoa powder. 

Tip: if you have time, leave the tiramisu in the fridge for a few hours before tasting it.