This recipe is by Renata Giacomini, Outclass Semifinalist in the Original Recipe Category at the Tiramisù World Cup 2021.   


50g of egg yolk Amadori
60g of sugar Italia Zuccheri
250g of mascarpone cheese Lattebusche
Ladyfingers Matilde Vicenzi
Bitter coffee Hausbrandt
Bitter cocoa  


Beat the sugar with the yolk with a spoon, then proceed with the electric beater at full speed for at least 15 minutes.
Add by hand the mascarpone cheese (previously placed on a cold base) keeping the same inclination, then use the electric beater in order to mix the cream well.
Take the cream with a teaspoon and turn it over to check its compactness. 
Dip the ladyfingers into the previously prepared cold coffee. 
Place the ladyfingers in the hexagonal mould.
Put the cream in a sac à poche and distribute it evenly in the mould. 
Sprinkle with cocoa. 
Make a second layer using the same procedure, paying attention to the final decoration.
Remove the mould and enjoy the sweet and delicate hexagon of sweetness.