This recipe is by Barbara Marcon, third place in the category “Creative Recipe” at the Tiramisù World Cup 2021 and Tiramisù Star 


(for 4 people) 

40g of Amadori pasteurised egg yolk
52g of caster sugar Italia Zuccheri
250g of fresh mascarpone cheese Lattebusche
Hausbrandt coffee (unsweetened)
Fresh raspberries
95g of pistachio cream spread
Edible gold dust
Bitter cocoa


Combine the sugar with the egg yolk, mixing vigorously with an electric whisk.
Once a light and frothy mixture is obtained, add the mascarpone and mix slowly.
Add the pistachio cream and gently incorporate it into the mixture with the spatula. The mascarpone and pistachio cream is ready!
Using a brush, moist the Pavesini with coffee for 3 seconds.
Place the Pavesini inside a ring on the serving dish. Then insert the fresh raspberries, previously painted with edible gold powder with a small brush.
On top of the raspberries, add a generous layer of pistachio cream and, with the spatula, level the cream and sprinkle it with bitter cocoa.
With two raspberries, a small one and a slightly larger one, shape a rose to place in the centre of the tiramisu and create the leaves of the rose with the Pavesini.
On top of the tiramisu and the raspberry rose, sprinkle with gold powder.
Remove the ring.
Final decoration on the plate with crumbled Pavesini combined with gold powder. 

(the name and shape of the tiramisu have been inspired by the star constellation, which was visible from the Earth in October 2021)