This recipe is by Alejandra Lludgar contestant Warm up Fico-Tiramisu Day 2022


For mascarpone cream
54 g of yolk Amadori
250 g of mascarpone Lattebusche
60 g of sugar Italia Zuccheri
Bitter cocoa powder

For the filling
Savoiardi Matilde Vicenzi
Apricot jam
Bitter chocolate drops
Crushed pistachio and gianduia comfit


First prepare the syrup with 125 cc of water, 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons of sugar.
Proceed by whipping the egg yolks with the sugar and mascarpone cheese to obtain a soft cream. Wet the ladyfingers with the cocoa syrup. Arrange them on the serving dish, you can use a mould. Spread a thin layer of apricot jam, the mascarpone cream and lay the chocolate chips on top, overlap another layer of ladyfingers and mascarpone cream. Decorate with a sac à poche. To conclude, sprinkle with bitter cocoa powder and add the crumbled comfits.