This recipe is by Daniele Cappato, Semifinalist in the Original Recipe category at the Tiramisù World Cup 2021   


4 egg yolksAmadori
4 level tablespoons of sugarItalia Zuccheri 
250 gr of mascarpone Lattebusche
Moka coffee Hausbrandt
Bitter cocoa 
Savoiardi Matilde Vicenzi 


Wet the ladyfingers for a few seconds and leave them to rest in a separate dish. The number is optional depending on the shape you want to make.
In the meantime beat the egg yolks with an electric whisk to prepare the cream and sprinkle the sugar in until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Incorporate the mascarpone quickly until frothy cream is obtained.
Proceed by placing the mould on the plate and inside create the first layer of ladyfingers. Using the sac à poche, form the first layer of cream.  Repeat the layer of ladyfingers and finally proceed with the desired decoration with the rest of the cream.
A dusting of cocoa… et voilà!