This recipe is by Annalisa Pensabene, fourth place in the Contest “Your Venetian Tiramisu” 

Presentation by Annalisa
The initial idea for My Venetian Tiramisu was actually another one, a bit more complex but then a few days ago I saw a picture… a Gondolier on his Gondola, alone in the fog, heading towards the Chiesa della Salute which was just a blurred outline in the background. Hence the idea of making simple waves of cream as decoration with a gondola in white royal icing (handmade). 


500g of mascarpone (Lattebusche Altaqualità)
4 pasteurized eggs
100g of caster sugar 
Bitter cold coffee made with moka (Hausbrandt)
16 ladyfingers (Matilde Vicenzi)
Royal icing (for the decoration)


Quickly wet one side of the ladyfingers in the coffee up to the middle and place them on a plate so that the coffee can go down to the base and at the same time maintain the compactness of the biscuit. Separate the yolks from the egg whites (which you can use for other preparations). Beat the sugar with the egg yolks by using electric whisk or by hand until you obtain a frothy and clear mixtureAdd the mascarpone cheese. Use a spoon to pour it into the mixture, taking care not to let the steering liquid end up in the mixture. Stir with whisk at minimum speed level or use a spatula for a few minutes until you get a smooth but firm creamAt this point put the cream in a sac a poche and start assembling the dessert, which I use to call “tiramisu tart”: on the base the ladyfingers, then a layer of cream drops, again the ladyfingers and finish with the cream. Dust with cocoa powder. For the decoration I used the royal icing both the gondola and the shapes of the palaces, which I prepared earlier to have enough time for them to dry.