This recipe is by Erika Luis, Finalist in the Creative Recipe at the Tiramisu World Cup 2021 and Tiramisu Star


For the pate a bombe
87.5g yolks  
170g of sugar
50g water
1/2 vanilla pod  

For the tiramisu cream
225g pate a bombe
15g of gelatine
250g of cream
250g mascarpone cheese  

For the composition  
Cold unsweetened coffee
Brown velvet spray
Christmas decorations  


For the pate a bombe
In a small saucepan bring the water and sugar to a temperature of 121 degrees, stirring well. Stir in the egg yolks, which have already been beaten with the vanilla seeds. Continue to whisk until cool.
For the tiramisu cream
Heat half the pate a bombe. Add the gelatine, previously rehydrated in 5 times its weight of water. Add the rest of the pasteurised base and the mascarpone, stirring with a whisk. Complete with the lightly whipped cream.
Composition (I use Silikomart trunk mould with bark effect mat)
First of all put a layer of tiramisu cream in the mould. Slightly beat the mould with firm and decisive movements so that the mixture is well distributed and compact once it has been removed from the mould.
Lightly brush the Pavesini with coffee and form a layer of biscuits inside the mould. Continue alternating a layer of cream and one of biscuits until you reach the edge (attention, the edge must coincide with the layer of biscuits).
Place the mould in the freezer and wait for it to harden completely.
Remove the tiramisu from the mould and proceed with the decoration. Spray brown velvet spray to create a velvet effect on the cake.
Decorate as desired with sugar paste subjects.