Sharp, spicy, peppy,… Ginger can be defined in many ways, and it can liked or disliked. But one thing is certain: ginger is healthy!

For us, ginger has become much more famous after Francesca Piovesana won the TWC18 with her now famous Cinnamon and Ginger Tiramisu. Actually, it is a root with really interesting properties: today it is mostly used when cooking, but it is well-known that many Eastern populations (but not only) used it for years and years for healing purposes, to fight nausea and other related disorders.

Nowadays, the benefits of ginger are quite well-known: as a dietary supplement, it helps fight stomach upsets; in traditional oriental medicine, such as the Chinese one, it is used to combat colds and seasonal diseases; if used for cooking, it enhances some aromas and flavours, giving that “pinch of extra pepper” to the recipes.

Therefore, we asked our Champion in what other ways we can use this special root in the kitchen: who better than her could know it? 🙂

Starting from the first course, Francesca offers us her tortellini with cream, Taggiasca olives pâté, capers and ginger: let’s start the meal with the right energy!

Continuing with the second course, let’s move on to the beef fillet. To make it even more tasty, Francesca suggests us to serve it with a side dish of mustard with ginger, cardamom and cloves. Everything can be combined with some croutons to better enjoy the sauce: delicious!

We are now at the dessert: of course, we recommend you test yourself with the Best Creative Tiramisu in the World 2018!

Instead, if you want to make something new, Francesca suggests us to try her grandfather’s recipe, re-interpreted from a “world champion” perspective: Carnival sweets with lemon, ginger and cinnamon!

And to finish with… we recommend a ginger and lemon herbal tea to conclude the meal! 🙂 Enjoy!

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