If you try your hand at being a home chef this year, we can assure you that (at least the Easter dessert 😜) will be a real success. The important thing is that you have the right tools and ingredients at hand… we will give you with the winning idea! To start with, have a look at the delicious mint and raspberry tiramisu by our Champion Francesca Piovesana.

If you are an aspiring designer and you love cooking, the Easter Cream Tart is waiting for you. The recipe is based on making an adorable shortbread bunny filled with mascarpone cream, but with a little imagination and a little technique you can create your own design. Release your creativity and find your inner artist! 

If you want to stick to the classics and don’t want to give up on chocolate egg and dove cake, adding a touch of tiramisu, here is Star Lisa Luison with her masterfully assembled and served Easter dessert. Read the recipe here and enjoy! 

If you want tiramisu to be the real star of your dish, then take a cue from Patrizia‘s presentation, make the traditional recipe (here you can find the recipe for the Best Original Tiramisù 2019) and, to get into the Easter mood, focus on your table decorations! 


Finally, here is the latest tasty novelty: Moira’s Tiramisu Easter Egg  With this delicious chocolate egg filled with tiramisu, you’ll be ready to delight all palates! 


And with a sweet and colourful picture by our Star Beatrice Elisabetta Castellan, we wish you a Happy Easter!


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