In the current period we are required to stay home: which better reason to pamper ourselves or our loved ones with these sweet creations? Even just to eat them with our eyes!

Let’s start with the Champion Francesca Piovesana, who has been delighting us since last year with a fantastic mint and raspberry tiramisu: nothing is more themed than that! Francesca says: “A combination of delicate tones that surprises you like these spring days disguised as summer! You should try to add some mint syrup (without sugar) and some fresh raspberries (blended and filtered) to the already perfect mascarpone cream. Soak the ladyfingers with raspberry syrup (adding a little water) and compose it with the help of your imagination… decorate it with some Easter eggs, dollops of cream and whipped cream… the success is guaranteed!”


Staying on the topic of decorated eggs, look at this recipe for the Easter Cream Tart: it is not tiramisu, but it still makes our mouth water! It is certainly in theme with the feast days!

Let’s continue our delicious journey with a recipe by the Star Lisa Luison: an original way to create new delicacies with the chocolate eggs and the Italian Easter Colomba. Amazing!  Did you know that the practice of gifting some eggs to celebrate Easter has a very ancient origin? Even before Christianity, they were donated as a symbol of life and rebirth to celebrate spring. However, they were not made of chocolate! It was probably Luigi XIV, also called the Sun King, who “invented” the chocolate eggs: at the beginning of the 1700, indeed, he made his court chocolatier prepare a cocoa cream egg. A real gourmand! Read the recipe here  e prove yourself!

If you love the original tiramisu, but you want to add some “pepper” to your recipe, try to make the same as our Star Eleonora Andronico: a delicious gorgonzola cream that will surprise you!

And to finish with, we leave you with the recipe of the original tiramisu: you can’t go wrong with it 😉

Happy Easter!

The Star Rossella Favaretto with her tiramisu Easter Egg!

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