In pastry making, the aesthetics of the preparation has always been considered essential, but after the advent of the Internet and of social networks it has gained even more importance! Beauty catches the eye (and the like) of friends and of social users. Even the judges of the Tiramisù World Cup in fact use the aesthetic criterion, along with others, to evaluate the tiramisu in competition. If you are looking to improve the presentation of your desserts, here you are 6 inspirations just right for you!

Inspiration n.1: Spend a few minutes choosing the best plate!
It is often placed at the end of the list of decisions that have to be made during the preparation of a dessert. But this “film prop” is fundamental: white as the elegant Grandma’s plates, imaginatively coloured as in the most trendy cuisines, wide and spherical rather than rectangular and made of slate, it is the perfect ally to trigger the “wow” factor!

Inspiration n.2: Play with colour contrast!
To make your dessert a true work of art, wisely balance the colours at the moment of serving the dessert. If colour matching has never been your thing, you can always rely on the world-famous Itten Circle: the colours that fit well together are those standing in opposite positions in the figure and never close to each other!

Inspiration n.3: Deconstruct your dessert!
A well-established fashion in the art of pastry making consists in presenting your own “deconstructed” dessert, that is, decomposed of the ingredients of which it is made: train yourself to creatively combine the various “pieces” of your dessert until you become a true master!

Inspiration n.4: Right in verticality!
There are in pastry making, as in the kitchen, preparations that better than others are suitable to be developed in height, demonstrating the great skill of those who prepare them. Think about how to alternate different ingredients with different textures and colours, remembering to “build” your miniature work upwards!

Inspiration n.5: Back to childhood creating perfect geometric shapes!
You can find them in the shop windows of the most refined pastry shops or in the most authoritative magazines in the sector… we’re speaking of the desserts that reproduce avant-garde geometric shapes: spheres, triangles, cubes, circles, ellipses, trunks and cylinders, worthy of real maîtres pâtissiers! If you want to impress your guests or your followers, these are the perfect experiments!

Inspiration n.6: Don’t forget simplicity!
It is often said that elegance lies in simplicity, and we could not but agree! Don’t give up decorating your dish but be careful not to exaggerate: sometimes too many decorations overshadow your dessert, without leaving it the glory it deserves!

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