Our search to find the best tiramisu of Instagram has ended, and we at the Tiramisu World Cup couldn’t be happier with what you’ve made us discover! With the contest “The best tiramisu of Instagram” that we launched from 16th to 23th March on our social media channel, also on the occasion of the Tiramisù Day, you went wild with clicks tagging us in photos of beautiful and delicious tiramisu … to make your mouth water!  

In fact there were 130 posts in which you tagged us, and we can guarantee you that for Fabio and Sara, our two Champions of TWC19, it was not an easy task to judge the 3 photos worthy of the podium. The prize? the automatic access for the winning users to the role of Judges for the next Tiramisù World Cup!  

But let’s cut to the chase: who found the best Tiramisu on Instagram? Let’s find out together! 

In 3rd place we find @gourmama with a very simple and elegant tiramisu in a glass, framed by some decorative elements that made this photo even more refined! A well-deserved bronze medal! 

In 2nd place there is @nonnapaperina: here three beautiful “savoiardi tiramisù” rest on an elegant white plate… if this photo materializes we would dare anyone not to use the fork on the right to taste a little piece! 

And now… the 1st place! It’s @mumcakefrelis, who with the photo of a beautiful tiramisu lying on a finely decorated brass plate stole the hearts of our two Champions, making her win the gold medal! A tiramisu like that… has never been seen before! 

Now it’s time to take stock: we really enjoyed the contest, it was a great opportunity to get together and for you to show us how good you are, how talented you are on social medias and how much you like tiramisu! We will have no choice but to meet next year for this super fun contest!   

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry.… there are many news coming soon!

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