One word: wow! This exclamation perfectly sums up our Instagram tagline during the days of the contest “Your Best Strawberry Tiramisù“: loads of beautiful mouth-watering Tiramisù photos.

The contest was held from May 29th to June 8th on our profile, paying homage to a delicious seasonal fruit that was more and more often the protagonist of your tiramisù: the strawberry.

You put yourselves to the test with your colorful creations, and the result was delicious!

Franco Norbiato, Star Finalist for the Creative Recipe at the TWC18 and Judge of the contest, evaluated the desserts in the competition and… He admitted it, he found a bit difficult to choose the best 3!

Here is the final ranking!

In 3rd place we find @dantenoncentra: her tiramisù has a classic shape, but it knows how to amaze with the combinations and the wise use of ingredients, also thanks to their colours! Here is a tiramisù with mascarpone cream and strawberry pieces, ladyfingers soaked in karkadé and ruby chocolate topping. Delicious!

In 2nd place @bucks.bakes, a competitor from Belgium! Her tiramisù with strawberries and amaretti is delicious, with a classic, delicate and elegant look. The dish gives way to a refined bowl, where mascarpone cream is queen, then finely decorated with sliced strawberries. Yummy!

In 1st place wins @erikalu1986: her dizzying tiramisu has won the top of the podium! It is a strawberry tiramisu in a velvet dress, with strawberry and milk sauce, strawberry pieces, velvet effect spray cover and decorations in isomalt and food-gold. What can we say… well deserved!

Erika, who won the contest, won the participation in the next Tiramisù World Cup. We can’t wait to see her at work, considering the premises… how will she surprise us during the competition in Treviso?

We’ll just have to find out… But in the meantime some very sweet news has arrived on Instagram: don’t miss the IG Festival Mascarpone!

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