It was Giuseppe Franco’s Tiramisu, born in 1968 in Pordenone, who won the final stage of the “European Selections” in Brussels, in its original recipe. Arrived directly from Italy to participate in these selections, the Friulian has surpassed the other semifinalists who – like him – will compete on Sunday, November 3 in Treviso for the title of champion of the Tiramisu World Cup 2019.

Finally, he made it. Giuseppe Franco came specifically from his Pordenone to take part in the TWC selections at City2 (in the heart of the Belgian capital) and then in the round final at the Hilton Grand Place Brussels.

Eighty competitors fought with mascarpone and savoiardi in the capital of Europe, but only eight of them became semifinalists of the Tiramisù World Cup (November 3 in Treviso). At the selections at City2, in the heart of the city, the most disparate recipes from amateur chefs (strictly non-professionals) from the United States, Holland, Germany, England and – certainly – many Italians who now live permanently in Belgium have been presented. Among the recipes that could be tasted, we highlight the pistachio Tiramisù, the caramel Tiramisù, a preparation with violet flowers and cream of candy, another with gold leaves and then the one with speculoos, the typical Belgian biscuit: all recipes were accompanied by a toast with Moscato d’Asti docg, the official wine of the “European Selections”.

The winner was chosen by a jury of experts, composed of chefs from the Federation Italian Chefs in Belgium and chaired by Pino Nacci: «The level of Tiramisu in the competition was really high, with some surprises in the combinations that aroused the interest of us professionals. Best wishes to these competitors and sincere congratulations to Francesco Redi for the idea and organization of this event».

«We succeeded in promoting more of our “made in Italy”, made of excellent food and wine products and exceptional tourist destinations – said Francesco Redi of Twissen – . To all our partners, in Belgium and Italy, a big thank you for the support they have given us. Now is time to “See you in Treviso”».

But the latest news of these selections is also another: Elena Bonali, resident in Brasschaat (Antwerp) but of Italian origin, is the first ever competitor of the Tiramisù World Cup to have detached the ticket for both categories of the semifinals of the event, the original and the creative ones, in which the aspiring chef of Milanese origin has added saffron and dark chocolate chips as ingredients of the cake.

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