The online test  to become judges of the selections of  “the sweetest  challenge of the year”  is back!

An amount of  600 dishes to taste and four chances to have your place at the jury table: 21st and 22nd  September at Villa Manin in Udine, 1st  and 2nd  November in Treviso.

From 12.00 pm on Friday 6th  September, the candidacies to become one of the 100 “gourmand judges” of the TWC 2019 will be opened  on the website As last year, anyone (18+, ed.) can register for the online-test and answer the 15 questions about Tiramisù and the competition rules.

In 2018, over 7200 people from all over the world tried the test: “This year the questions have become a little harder – says Francesco Redi of Twissen, creator and organizer of the competition -. It will be necessary to have thoroughly read the competition rules (also available on the website, ed.) in order to get the highest score and hope to be part of the jury ».

The questions range from the knowledge of the recipe of the dessert to the specific cases that may happen during the competition: “We want to guarantee seriousness and competence in the selection of our judges and this to assure the quality of the competition and the final winners – Redi adeed – . Those who are selected as judges must be able to evaluate the dessert, according to all the criteria provided, both in the original recipe and in the creative recipe of the tiramisù ».

Armed with spoons, the judges will have to evaluate the Tiramisu  according to the already tested five points: the technical execution (for the organization of the table, the cleanliness, the managing of the ingredients, the executive ability), the aesthetic appearance (the look, the arrangement of the plate, the decorations and the final aesthetic pleasantness), the taste intensity (the strength and the permanence in the mouth of the tasting), dish equilibrium (the balance among the ingredients), the flavor and harmony (pleasantness, the intensity and harmony of flavors, the right amount of ingredients).

While for the Grand Final of 3rd November in Treviso the jury will include only “experts” (including chefs, gastronomy professionals, pastry masters), in the Selections anyone can become a judge, because the tiramisù is the popular dessert par excellence.

Following the “Summer Selections” of Bibione and Venice (last June) and in view of the “European Selections” in Brussels (11th -14th  October), there are four more days of selections  to choose the other “chefs”  who will arrive directly to the semifinals of 3rd   November. Here are the dates: 21st  and 22nd  September in Villa Manin in Udine, 1st  and 2nd  November in Treviso.

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