The countdown to the “Summer Selections” Bibione and Eastern Venice of the Tiramisu ‘World Cup has started. On 22nd and 23rd June, the great Twissen event arrives in Piazza Treviso in Bibione (Venice) with a load of competitors – strictly non-professionals – who will compete themselves to prepare the best tiramisu in the world. The event is realized thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento, Confcommercio Unione Metropolitana of Venice, Confcommercio Bibione and Confcommercio Portogruaro and with the promotion and general coordination of the Eastern Venice Tourist District. The TWC is a competition that is now an international event, giving rise to a 2-day face-to-face with the famous dessert, which has become a symbol of the Belpaese all around the world. Waiting for the participants, the judges and the public, in two intense but delicious and fun days. In addition to its invigorating power, tiramisu is known to be an authentic generator of good humor, which can be declined in different variations, sometimes curious and original. And so, next to the tender for the original recipe, scheduled from 6.00pm to 8.00pm, the challenge for the creative recipe will take place, from 8.00pm to 10.00pm, with the best reinterpretation of the classic sweet made with ladyfingers, mascarpone, eggs, sugar, cocoa and coffee. And at 10 pm on June 23rd the best will compete for the title of “Stage Winner” and then move on to the next step: the semi-finals of November 3, 2019 in Treviso. And among those waiting for the Bibione – Eastern Venice stop there is also Roberto Lestani, president of the International Confectionery and Ice Cream Confectionery Federation, which awaits the beginning of this new edition of the Tiramisu World Cup, of which F.I.P.G.C. is patronizing, since the first edition in 2017: “Every year the show grows and there are new incentives: preparing tiramisu in early summer is a great challenge, but I am sure it will be welcomed with enthusiasm and lots of energy by the new” chefs “That they must be able to balance the ingredients of their recipe well”. “Without a doubt, then, the choice of Bibione cannot but agree with me – concluded Lestani -. It is an exceptional city, where I spent some excellent holiday seasons with my family. For this reason, my good luck to the participants is even stronger».

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