✓ The main theme of this year’s competition Selections is “Spritz Time!”, intended as a daily moment of relaxation and meeting with friends at the end of the working day;
✓  This year’s Final jury is made up of professionals from the sector (chefs, pastry chefs, culinary experts) and the champions of previous editions of the TWC; The president of the Jury of the Grand Final is Roberto Lestani, president of the International Federation of Pâtisserie, Ice Cream making and Chocolate;
✓  For the first time, this year the TWC selections have gone beyond the borders of Treviso and Italy!
The 2019 stages are: “Bibione e Venezia Orientale – Summer Selections” (22nd and 23rd June); “Friuli Venezia Giulia Selections” at Villa Manin di Passariano (Udine, 21st and 22nd September); “European Selections” (Brussels, 11th and 14th October); “Grand Final” in Piazza dei Signori in Treviso, 1st and 2nd November;
✓  In Bibione, the Tiramisù World Cup had as partners: Comune di San Michele al Tagliamento, Confcommercio Unione Metropolitana di Venezia, Confcommercio Bibione e Confcommercio Portogruaro, Distretto Turistico Venezia Orientale;
✓  In Udine, the Tiramisù World Cup had as partners: PromoTurismo Friuli Venezia Giulia, Camera di Commercio Pordenone e Udine, Camera di Commercio Venezia Giulia Trieste Gorizia, Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori, Territori Genti e memorie fra Carso e Isonzo;
✓  In Brussels, the Tiramisù World Cup had as partners: Camera di Commercio Belgo-Italiana, City2, Hilton Grand Place Brussels, Federazione Italiana Cuochi F.I.C. Delegazione Belgio, Lasagna Tiramisù, Consorzio Moscato d’Asti Docg;
✓  Spontaneously, a competitor gave birth to the hashtag then used in social networks: #civediamoaTreviso;
✓  On the occasion of the “Grand Final” in Treviso, a 19th century “Green house” was installed in Piazza dei Signori as the setting for the last Selections, the Semi-finals and the Final;
✓  Some of the finalists from the 2018 edition have created, during the last year, their own “teams” to train participants, teaching them some techniques to improve their Tiramisù: Francesca Piovesana, Moira Bardini and Lisa Luison;
✓  For the first time in the TWC, a competitor (from the “European Selections” in Brussels) gained access to the Semifinals for both the original and the creative Tiramisù recipe. In the case of access to the Final, however, she will have to choose in which of the two versions to compete;
✓  The foreign countries represented this year are China, Australia, Uruguay, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria;
✓  For the Selection of the competition, also this year the online test has recorded over 5 thousand applications for the only 100 places available: the questions concerned the preparation of tiramisù, its history and the rules of the competition;
✓  Participants receive a “competitor’s kit” containing the basic ingredients of the original Tiramisu: a pack of ladyfingers, a pack of mascarpone, eggs (pasteurized), a pack of sugar, a pack of cocoa and also (at the beginning of the competition) ready-made coffee prepared with “moka”;
✓  In total, this year 14.400 ladyfingers by “Matilde Vicenzi”, about 700 kilos of sugar, over 160 kilos of mascarpone by “Lattebusche”, the equivalent of 11.000 eggs by “Amadori”, 30 kilos of coffee by Hausbrandt and 50 kilos of cocoa have been used;
✓  The competition plate for the Selections measures 14×11 cm. For the Semi-finals and the Final, it measures 28×17 cm;
✓  The Champions who will be crowned this year will fly to Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, where they will be guests and protagonists of the “Week of Italian Cuisine in the world“, an event promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in all the Embassies of the world;
✓  RDS 100% Grandi Successi is the official radio of the Tiramisù World Cup 2019 with dedicated programming and commercials; the presenter of the Final will be Filippo Ferraro, speaker of the Radio;
✓  For the third consecutive year, Sale&Pepe is also supporting TWC as an industry media partner;
✓  Through the website www.tiramisuworldcup.com or at the tourist office of Treviso, it is possible to buy the “Tiramisù Card” that guarantees discounts at the local bars and local activities, all year round;
✓  On December 15th there will be the Tiramisù World Cup Junior, also this year at the “Lepido Rocco” Institute of Lancenigo in Villorba (Treviso);
✓  For the competition, the Tiramisù World Cup chose the “ingredients” of the companies: Matilde Vicenzi (ladyfingers), Hausbrandt (coffee), Lattebusche (mascarpone), Amadori (eggs); in addition to them, Dolcefreddo Moralberti, Ascotrade (official energy supplier), Tognana Porcellane, Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel and ConsultInvest.

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