Now the registrations for the “Tiramisù World Cup 2018” are open. The event takes place from Thursday 1st November to Sunday 4th November: this edition is full of news, starting from the locations. The Selections of the 600 participants – who can reserve their participation by connecting to the site – take place in the Prosecco hills: Conegliano (1st November in Cloister of the former San Francesco Convent), Pieve di Soligo (2nd November in Villa Brandolini, Solighetto) and Valdobbiadene (3rd November, Villa dei Cedri).


Last year, competitors from all over the world joined the event, 78% of them were women. What about the jury? After only 12 hours the 350 seats available for the judges were sold out. The news of the first Tiramisù World Cup has literally been around the world, with over 1000 press releases on more than 500 titles in 56 countries, including the United States of America, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, France, Spain, England, Switzerland…. And Italy of course. Furthermore, in two months the TWC reached 2,5 millions users with spontaneous sharings on Facebook.

TWC 2018 – NEWS

Selections will last for 3 days in 3 fantastic locations in the Prosecco Hills.

Thursday 1 november: Conegliano, Cloister of the former San Francesco Convent;

Friday 2 november: Pieve di Soligo, Villa Brandolini in Solighetto;

Saturday 3 november: Valdobbiadene, Villa dei Cedri;

Semifinals (during the morning) and Finals (during the afternoon):

Sunday 4 November: Treviso, Chamber of Commerce in Piazza Borsa.

Jury: 180 judges who will subscribe on the website (supported by a Grand Jury from F.I.P.E.) for the Selections, 30 expert judges for the Semifinals, 9 expert judges for the Final.

Champion: there will be a “World Champion” for each category, one for the “original recipe” and one for “creative recipe”

SOME RULES (more details on

  1. Registration is open only for non-professional adults
  2. It’s possible to subscribe to the category “original recipe” and/or “creative recipe”
  3. Participants will receive a kit with the basic products of the original recipe
  4. It’s possible to choose: date, location, time of the competition and the preferred branded table, too.
  5. Tiramisu must not contain alcohol


Institutions supporting the “Tiramisù World Cup 2018

Veneto Region – Land of Venice, Province of Treviso, Municipality of Treviso, Municipality of Conegliano, Municipality of Pieve di Soligo and Municipality of Valdobbiadene.

In addition, there are many local players focused on “networking”, in particular in the tourism sector: F.I.P.E. – Confcommercio, Chamber of Commerce Treviso – Belluno, FIPGC (International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate), Lepido Rocco, professional training high school in Lancenigo – Treviso.

For the competition, the Tiramisù World Cup chose ingredients of the following companies: Lattebusche (mascarpone), Hausbrandt (coffee), Matilde Vicenzi (ladyfingers). In addition to them, also Astoria Wines, Dolcefreddo Moralberti, Tognana Porcellane and BHR Treviso Hotel; other partnerships will be following.

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