The Tiramisù World Cup 2019, the “sweetest challenge of the year”, has been presented in Treviso, as usual. And after the Sile river (2017) and the Prosecco hills (2018) this year’s theme is the “spritz time”, the classic aperitif moment in the areas between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The stages 2019: Friuli Venezia Giulia, 21-22 September; City2 and Hilton Grand Place Brussels in Brussels, 11-12 and 14 October; Treviso (1-2 November); Grand Final in the center of Treviso on 3rd November 2019.

Now in its third edition, the TWC has already hundreds of passionate chefs from all over the world (strictly non-professionals, ed.), who are training to challenge themselves in the preparation of Tiramisu (original recipe: ladyfingers biscuits, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, coffee and cocoa powder) or creative Tiramisu (with the possibility of adding up to three products and replacing the biscuit). After the anticipation in Bibione (San Michele al Tagliamento, Venice) with the “Summer Selections” on last June, the TWC leaves its homelands and arrives in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where 60 competitors will compete. The appointment is for the first weekend of autumn (21-22 September). To follow, the first absolute stop outside the national borders: two days of selections (60 participants in the race) at City2 in Brussels and final stage at the Hilton Grand Place Brussels. Then, as usual, two days of selections in Treviso (1 and 2 November) and Grand Final in the heart of the city. Registration for the race is open ( and there are already registrations of competitors from Australia and the United Kingdom, and then Switzerland, Spain, Austria and Germany.

Many new this year, starting with the theme: “We realized that one of the most anticipated moments of our days, those that invariably” season “with friends (but also business appointments!) Is that of the” spritz time “, intended as an aperitif – illustrated by Francesco Redi of Twissen, creator and organizer of the event -. Here is the idea of ​​sharing this moment with those who come to Treviso for the TWC, as is customary when welcoming friends. At the same time, it is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the city that already as it presents itself remains impressed by its views, its atmosphere and its artistic heritage ». A big surprise is also awaiting this year’s winners: who will be crowned “Champion TWC 2019” will fly to Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. There, in November, the two Champions will be guests and protagonists of the “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World”, an event promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in all the embassies of the world. “For this reason, we thank the Consul General of Italy in Curitiba, Raffaele Festa, and the President of the Europeu Center, Carlos Sandrini, for the important support and collaboration,” Redi said.

“The Tiramisù World Cup, in just three editions, has become a classic among gastronomic competitions, making itself known also abroad, where the Treviso dessert is not only highly appreciated but has also become a symbol of Made in Italy – he explained Mario Conte, Mayor of Treviso -. We are happy to host this international level race, which combines tradition and future, authenticity and gourmet. I know that the aspiring champions are already training among eggs, savoiardi, mascarpone and cocoa to make the best tiramisu in the world: I can’t wait to taste and reward their works of art “. The TWC is an important event not only for the city of Treviso, but for the entire Veneto Region – as Federico Caner, Councilor for Tourism and Foreign Trade of the Veneto Region -. An event that manages to gather tourists from all over the world here. Just 25% of tourists move to eat and drink well and we in Veneto can give something more just taste this cake and then discover our territories such as the hills of “Prosecco” of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, recently UNESCO heritage. like the Dolomites and Venice».

On the other hand, Confcommercio declares that “the entire Confcommercio system, with the direct support of Fipe, Federalberghi and Gruppo Alimentare, supports the TWC project, because the Confcommercio categories have always been committed to enhancing local excellence as the main vehicles for disseminating our cultural identity. Overall, Confcommercio guarantees TWC not only collaboration and support, but the necessary framework that makes this event a real territorial identity project for the territory, lived and fully promoted by companies, to ensure not only tourism and public success , but continuity and growth over time. Tiramisu, for Confcommercio, “is a great investment on history and on our identity that is giving us considerable satisfaction”.

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