This recipe is by Jean-Philippe Serhal, Semifinalist in the “Original Recipe” at the Tiramisù World Cup 2021  


30g of egg yolks Amadori
150g of sugar Italia Zuccheri
250g of mascarpone Lattebusche
Ladyfingers Matilde Vincenzi
Bitter coffee Hausbrandt


Start by dipping the ladyfingers in the coffee that you previously prepared and put them on the side. This will soften them while you prepare the cream.
Beat the egg yolks lightly before adding the sugar. Then mix with electric beater until the colour becomes light yellow. It should be liquid, without lumps, and feel grainy because of the sugar.
Add the mascarpone and mix by hand to keep the cream cold if your tiramisu has to stand without support. Otherwise beat electrically.
Put the ladyfingers in your circular mold. Put the cream in a piping bag. Then push the cream out of the piping bag in the circular mold. This makes sure there is no empty space. Add the cocoa powder, then remove the mold. Bon appetit!