This recipe is by Cristina Malizia, Star Finalist at Tiramisù World Cup 2022 


250g of mascarpone Lattebusche
65g of egg yolk Amadori
75g of sugar Italia Zuccheri
Ladyfingers Vicenzovo Matilde Vicenzi as needed
Coffee Hausbrandt as needed
Cocoa Campagnoli as needed


Prepare the coffee and let it cool. Soak the ladyfingers by wetting them on both sides and let them rest on a plate. In a large bowl with a high rim, start whipping the egg yolk with the sugar at medium speed until frothy. At this point add the mascarpone, continuing to whisk, until the cream becomes compact. To assemble the tiramisu, use a pastry bag and start by placing the previously soaked ladyfingers on the bottom, add the cream and proceed in alternate layers until you reach the edge of the mould. Level the last layer with a spatula and complete with a light dusting of cocoa. Remove the tiramisu from the mould very gently, taking care not to deform it. Your tiramisu is ready!