Carnival is just a few days away… and this year it coincides with the most romantic time of the year: Valentine’s Day! Whether you want to celebrate love or create a cheerful and colourful atmosphere for your children, rest assured that with us there is no shortage of ideas in the kitchen. Take a look at all the tasty inspirations we received from our Tiramisu Champions and Stars last year. How many of you have already tried the fabulous castagnole with tiramisu cream?

As you know, fritters and crostoli are the symbol of Carnival, but if any of you are thinking ‘I’ve already had too many fried sweets these days’, don’t worry, we have 3 non-fried recipes for you!


If what you are looking for is a fresh, creamy and… masked dessert, then you will find the perfect one in the Red Love in Venice tiramisu: raspberries, whipped cream, mascarpone cheese, white chocolate… a creative tiramisu with an irresistible taste and presentation. This “jewel” by our Semifinalist Alessandra Vendemiati won the contest “Your Venetian Tiramisu“. Try it and you’ll win everyone’s eyes and hearts!



For this second recipe, Venice confirms itself as the inspiring muse, indeed we are talking about the city that best combines the Carnival atmosphere with real love at first sight! This time, however, the Love in Venice turns from “red” to “Marsala and amaretti flavour”. If you aspire to be an artist, you can try your hand at carving romantic sugar paste decorations. Do you have any doubts about the preparation? Just ask the pastry chef Patrizia Casadio for advice!



The classic “confetti or streamers” dilemma has no place in Susanna Pistolato’s fabulous Confetti Tart: this dessert brings together all the typical elements of Carnival and will delight children as well as adults! A triumph of flavours and sweetness, thanks to the combination of chocolate and caramelised Chinese mandarins, all covered with a pistachio namelaka cream and an explosive decoration of icing and sugar beads. Enjoy your sweet Carnival!

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