After a long, cold, grey winter comes Spring, a season that is a symbol of rebirth and positivity. Our calendar officially marks the beginning of the spring season on March 20th, and for the occasion we want to delight you with some nice ideas to decorate the table and bring even more light, color and joy in your home!  

For a start, think about colours: if you consider yourself a romantic, you can opt for soft and delicate shades such as white or pastel tones such as pink and lilac; if you like to be daring, focus on the bright and energetic hues of spring… take inspiration from the nature that surrounds you to colour your table in a good mood! 

Now let’s move on to the undisputed star of every self-respecting mise en place, the centerpiece: you can delight your guests or your family with colorful tulips or fresh wildflowers, even better if picked from your garden, or amaze with a beautiful vase containing olive, peach or cherry tree branches whose spring flowers are a delicate pleasure for the eyes! 

Whether you are expecting guests at lunch or simply your closest family members, a good idea is to place lovely spring-themed place markers on the table: small decorated jars are perfectly suitable for containing small seedlings or seasonal flowers, rather than an elegant flower-shaped origami or a classic bunch of aromatic herbs will bring a smile to even the most serious guest of the table! 

Every season that goes on brings with it its dessert: if you believe in yourself, go for the Easter Cream Tart decoration. 

If, on the contrary, you want to practice for the next Tiramisù World Cup, well… prepare a tasty Tiramisu!😋

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