The key words for the weekend: relaxation, fun, friendship and why not… creativity! Put these ingredients together and get ready to make the most creative tiramisu ever (in less than one hour)! If you need some inspiration, here are our five ideas to surprise your friends and family!  

1. Tiramisu with orange, ricotta and walnuts
In the recipe by Chiara Aminta, Semifinalist at the Tiramisù World Cup 2018, creativity is not only in the ingredients but also in the aesthetics. If you are wondering how to create a cute basket to hold your single serving tiramisu, click on the recipe title to find out! 

2. Tiramisu with pistachio
The creative tiramisu finalist in the 2017 edition, created by Michela Masiero, is made with a cream mixed with chopped pistachios, an ingredient loved by all Italians (and beyond!), and uses the Novara biscuits as an alternative to the ladyfingers. If you are fond of the ingredients of the original recipe, ladyfingers are a must, of course! 

3. Tiramisu by Camilla
With raspberries, amaretti biscuits and Piave cheese, Camilla’s tiramisu made it to the 2019 Final, leaving all the judges speechless. We recommend this recipe to anyone who wants to impress their guests and end their dinner with the right amount of colour on the table! 

4. Pears and Pepper Tiramisu
Pears and pepper? Yes, you read that right: the Competitor Rossella Favaretto managed to combine these two creative ingredients to perfection, going straight to the Final in 2019. If you don’t feel ready to prepare the recipe on your own, let Rossella guide you step by step! Click here to join her Cooking Class and enjoy a unique experience, ready to be served to the most demanding palates! 

5. Essemisù
A tiramisu recipe inspired by Venice can’t miss, this one was made by Miriam Pressato on the occasion of the Contest “Your Venetian Tiramisu”! Before putting on your chef’s hat and starting the preparation, take the opportunity to enjoy a trip to the picturesque island of Burano, where you can buy the famous biscuits “Esse Buranei”! 

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the tasting! 

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